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Ariel with family

My Forever Family.

Hi Kerri, Ariel was a joy in the car. When she met Violet they gave each other a sniff and started playing it was very cute. Maddie is also enjoying her. She seems to love to explore. Has not really warm up to us yet but I know in time she will. The funny thing is though she seems to like following George around the house and when he left for work she started to cry. H e won't be gone long just a couple of hours at the hospital can't wait to see her reaction when he comes home. She did do her potty on the pad when she came in the house but later had a little accident. But I know this takes a little time. She is such a sweetie. Thank you and I will keep you updated on this little love.


5/11/15 Kerri, Ariel is such a love. She is starting to warm up to me. She let me brush her today and really seemed to enjoy it. I think she will do very well at the groomer's when the time comes. She is getting along very well with Violet and Maddie. Love to watch them play. Ariel also started playing with a toy today, she went and took it out of the toy box, something Violet will not do. Quite funny to watch Violet looking at her with a such wonderment. Then they had a little tug of war with the toy. So funny! I had a appointment today and when I came home Ariel was so excited to see me wagging her little bottom along with Violet and Maddie. That just made my day! She is using her wee wee pads very well but still working on the poo. Soon George will be home and she will get more cuddle time. Very happy to report no jealous pups here! She has a Vet appointment next Tuesday for her stitches. Update soon.

Thank You, Dawn

5/14/15 Hi Kerri, Ariel is such a sweetheart and I love her playful personality. She is very slowly coming out of her shell. She is very silly at times when she goes exploring. Her and Violet seemed to know right from the moment they met that they were littermates. They love to play together and sometime give each other a little kiss. Maddie the shih-Tzu sometimes joins in the fun. George and I are holding her the way that you suggested and she really likes that. I think it makes her feel more secure. She loves to be held by both of us but loves to follow George around the house. I think he is more interesting. We took her on a little walk and she seem to enjoy that. At first she did not realize she was on a leash but watching Violet and Maddie she started to get the hang of it. She also loves her doggy stroller. This will come in handy when I take them to the Farmer's Market. She is going on the wee wee pads and yesterday was her first poo on them so we celebrated with a new dog toy! Loves playing in the backyard. What can I say but Thank You so much Kerri she was the perfect match for us. George and I will cherish this baby and I will send pictures soon. Still learning on how to download them.

George & Dawn

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