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Willow and Rich

My Forever Family.

She was terrific on the flight. She is starting to really feel at home. Been using the potty pad and loves to sleep with her blankey. She's just lurking around the house. Sir peanut is still a little flipped out but they're starting to get along quickly. Thank you so much for allowing us to adopt Willow.

Rich Rosenstein

Willow with Rich and Jody with their other dog Sir.

Willow with Rich and Jody with Sir (also adopted from Yorkies Inc.)

Update 4/18

Dear Cathie, Here is a picture of Richard holding our new daughter Willow, and me holding Sir Peanut. Willow I believe is the 4th Happy Tail in our love story with Yorkie's Inc. This note is sooo long overdue. Willow is just one little lump of love. We are so very happy to have her. My Vet, who adores Yorkies, said she is about the most perfect one he's ever seen... no knee problems, no health problems, as sweet as can be. What else could you ask for.

When Rich first brought Willow home, she was very scared. We didn't know why. She resisted touch and I was concerned that someone or another dog had mistreated her in the past. Initially, Sir Peanut was none too happy to see her either, and for the first two nights, Sir Peanut, another Yorkies Inc. alum, literally slept on top of me cuddled up tight shaking and Willow attached herself to me or to Richard, going back and forth during the night for comfort. She peed our bed, but it happened only the once. Willow soon found her niche in our family and became increasingly comfortable on the bed that she shares with us and the space that she shares with Sir, who sleeps on bean bag pillows and baby blankets. While Willow enjoys cuddling with Sir, she also enjoys cuddling with me or with Rich. We are all very much a pack.

During the day, Sir Peanut enjoys going out onto our screened in lanai (that's Florida talk for "fancy" porch) and sunning himself, then running back in and getting a drink of water. Willow loves to run around in the protected outdoors with Sir. Willow is not as much a sun worshiper as Sir Peanut. Willow likes to find some shade on the outdoor carpet and nap, or better, find a lap. Willow also enjoys riding in the dog carriage with Sir around the neighborhood. She is naturally curious from afar. Rich and I have always worn front packs and carried our Yorkies in them. Willow loves being carried in a front pack. Rich and I each have one. Downtown Delray Beach is a very dog-positive community. We can dine outside with the dogs with each of us carrying one. We can also shop this way too. There are many fancy dog shops. I would have purchased this beautiful dog bed that was shaped like a black sports car if I thought the Willow and Sir Peanut would have slept in it. Instead, we bought a king-size temper-pedic bed for the family. Willow and Sir also have a huge temper-pedic dog bed too. Willow is every bit part of the family. Rich put it best, "She's my little girl."

Willow's favorite pastime is getting a full on belly rub. She especially likes having her armpits and her tushie (behind) rubbed. Willow is not a kisser, but she likes to put her nose to yours and sniff. Willow has the most gorgeous eyes. When she looks at you, it's as though she can read your mind, or look into your soul. We are all a pack at this point. Willow unlearned her potty pad skills, but she is quickly retraining and is currently going to basic training with Richard so she can teach him how to behave! Thanks Cathie for everything!

Jody Abrams & Rich Rosenstein

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