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Reddy now Rianna

Keith w/Rianna( Reddy) & Lisa w/Alma

My Forever Family.

I don't know if you can see these very clearly but our new baby has been on her bed next to the fireplace for well over an hour. She fits right in. Has already been trying to jump on the chairs and the couch to get up to be with Alma and she started spinning around so I thought maybe that meant she wanted to eat and she did. She ate every bit . She knows where the water bowl is. She did do PeePee on the rug but that's OK we're working on that. She lays next to Alma. So I think this is a wonderful match. Thank you so much. I will be in touch. I am so happy I just wanted to send you this now.



3/23:We are calling her Rianna and she already knows her name. I read about how to help a pet recognize a new name. I love when she lifts her head high when she wants to be pet there. I love her and I am thrilled that Alma loves her too and Keith of course. Alma loving her so much was the topping on the cake!


3/25: Is it Official??!! Am I officially Lisa & Keith's baby and Alma's Little sissy now?

Love, Rianna

Rianna in her bed.

Yes! Yeah! Woot hoot! Ruff Ruff! I know it's official because I heard Rianna bark today and a little growl while having fun playing with Alma and Keith, the first time that we ever heard her make so much fun sounds - just a little bark or two and some fun growly sounds. Thank you so much I will still periodically send you pictures.

Love Lisa

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