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Mason & Tia

My Forever Family.

Well good morning. I was just coming up to the computer to jot you a quick note letting you know that all is well here. Believe they have settled in very nicely, we have a routine now, and boy do they know what is coming next! :) First thing we do in the morning (around 5 am) is go outside to potty, both are doing exceptionally well in that area, next is medications, and then breakfast. After they have eaten, then curl up in my lap as I’m eating, and we snuggle for an hour or so, then I’m off doing my thing, Ron is up and they are with him until he get’s busy, then they have the run of the whole kitchen. We have gotten additional gates so we can block off the big kitchen and they have free reign to move freely about. I still keep their little pen up for them incase they want to go inside for “quiet” time, and I put them in there for night time as that is what they are use to and seem more comfortable in the smaller space. They are eating well, drinking well, playing and acting like they have been here for years! Whenever Ron and/or I are sitting, they are in our laps.

Both are going to be groomed on Monday. I took them both for a meet and great with Sam my groomer, and she was very comfortable with Mason’s issues, in fact she does a little Pomeranian who can’t stand at all, and she and another groomer do her together, which is what she is going to do with Mason. I feel very comfortable leaving them with her, as I have known her and used her services for years. On the 23rd we visit the new vet, anxious to see what she things and says.

I have noticed that when Tia pee pees she only goes a small amount, is this normal for her, or should I have the vet do another analysis, she is drinking well. Other than this, we have no issues, they love Andrew, and seem to love being here, and goodness knows, we love having them. Thank you for allowing us to take them as I know it was a very difficult decision for you and John to let them go. We will send some new pictures soon.

Have a wonderful weekend, and hugs to you both.

Margo & Ron

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