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Chris w/Jasper & Ashling w/Tommy (also adopted from Yorkies Inc.) & Peyton (front)

My Forever Family.

Hi Kerri & Laura, We are so happy to have found "our little girl." Payton mapped our home within 2 days. She loves her time outside in our yard and family cuddle time on the couch. Her brothers: Tommy and Jasper weren't so sure when we first brought her home, especially Tommy due to having to share mommy's lap, but now Tommy falls asleep with her on mommy's lap with one paw resting over her. The first few days Payton wasn't so sure about her biggest brother, Jasper, as he is 80% blind and mostly deaf, due to his senior citizen status, surprising her unintentionally when walking by or near her. Payton and Jasper love exploring our yard together. Now, if Jasper is nearby she checks her location to him using her nose. Even if she doesn't need to go to the bathroom, she begs to go outside and lay in the sun. She lets the boys know when someone is at the door and her humans know when treats are taking too long. She and Tommy compete to see who can give their humans the most kisses before bedtime. She has brought so much happiness to our home. Thank you Yorkies Inc. for saving and caring for our little girl. Ashling & Chris

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