My Forever Family.

Hi, We adopted Theo little over a month ago from his foster mom, Kerri, at Yorkies placement service. We had been reading about him and following up on his progress through Pet Finders since the beginning of the year when he was saved by Yorkies Inc. after he was hit by a car. We fell in love with him instantly when we saw his pictures and what he had endured. When he came to meet us with his foster mom, Kerri, it was love at first sight and I knew from that day that I wanted him to be part of our family. Although he is afraid of meeting new people and noises he is starting to learn to overcome these things and that we are always there for him and love him dearly. He walks twice a day, enjoys playing and riding in the car. When he is not doing these he enjoys snuggling up with us on the couch. Since my husband is home all day with him he calls him his buddy! We are so thankful that we had the opportunity to adopt him and that he will be able to live a long happy life with us!

Nancy & David

Update:9/24/17:Hi Kerri, He is doing much better with eating! I read the flyer that you gave me on what add ins I can use. He usually cleans his bowl. He is the highlight of our day! He loves to walk, play and cuddle with both of us! He also loves to ride in the car! Just trying to work on his paws getting wiped when wet. He is usually patience with brushing him also. I will bring him by the groomers and see when she wants to trim him. She had said to hold off for awhile until he gets used to everything. She also does dog training so we are going to have some lessons. Has he been to a groomer and if so ,did he have any fear problems? PS Sent some new photos but don't worry the one in the back yard is my neighbors fenced in yard playing. I would never let him loose. Nancy