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Yoyo now Diego

Ruben with Diego and Julio with Patrick also adopted from Yorkies Inc.

My Forever Family.

Diego has been with us for two weeks now. His adjustment has been fast. I think it helps Patrick is around to show him his new “accommodations” and “patterns to follow”. The first day he went outside to the patio, he could not understand it and he was afraid, by the second day after he realized what Patrick was doing, he just followed his lead and now he runs out after Patrick and they both do what needs to be done. He has been trying to make Patrick play with him for two weeks but no luck so far. He will engage for 1-2 minutes and then he goes away to do his own stuff. He adjusted easily to food schedule, at first he did not make sense of the “raw vegetable snacks” but within two days he started enjoying his carrots, zucchini and broccoli, he actually likes it. I am not sure if he had spend a day without people in the house but the first couple days we could see in the security camera he was running around from the moment we left to the moment we came back. By the end of his first week, he learned to take “naps” during the day.One more time, thank you for letting us take Diego and I will keep you posted in our future trips (he needs to start filling his little passport to catch up with Patrick). thank you,

Julio Quintana-Rizzo & Ruben Montano-Lopez

Patrick and Diego sleeping together.

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