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Yoko with family

My Forever Family.

Hi Cathie.

She played with Theo yesterday and they enjoy walking together. She loves going on the leash that's in our front yard with him too. She slept well in her crate all night. Just cried for 15 minutes but we remained tough on her. So far so good. She slept all night in her crate (cried for 15 minutes then was done). Perked up a lot late afternoon and Theo "taught" her his favorite fetch game and how he drops the ball down the stairs for us. They love walking together. Is she house trained? She has about 5 accidents in the house yesterday but i think it was excitement. If not just give me a heads up so we know to train her. It seemed to only happen when she was excited so probably what it is. I'll send a video of them playing. Andrea


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