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My Forever Family.

Hi Cathie,

Today is day 9 in my new home with the Marshes and I want you to know that I am very happy. I have found several favorite spots to call my own. I like to go on the end of the sofa at my moms feet when we hang out in the living room and when we are in the porch I lie on the foot stool which has a nice soft snuggle. I sleep at night in my new bed next to Dad. It took a few nights for Lucky and I to get that down but were good now. Lucky showed me all the ins and outs and I can do them now on my own.

My Dad walks us every day and Mom came today and noticed how good I am on the leash. I have let them know that I really like to play fetch with my green bone and I can't wait for the spring so the fence will be repaired and we can get out there and do some serious running. Mom and Dad get a big kick out of the way I talk to them in my low gravel tone growel. The cat and I are still working on our relationship and seems to be getting better everyday. I have even convinced Lucky to eat the same food as I eat and she likes it so far. It's better for her and make things easier on all.

Kami's room

Mom had her IPad open yesterday and was on your website. I noticed that under my picture and bio that it said "Adoption Pending" so I just thought I would let you know I have tried my best to make a good impression so that they would keep me ! I think it's working as I heard Dad on the phone with the town clerk and Red dog Inn to make sure he had everything needed to get me a license and a day of beauty care. I hope you are pleased and I will be checking on line and look forward to day I see that pending updated to Adopted ;-) I hope to hear from you soon and thanks for hooking me up!

Love Kami!!

I called the town hall to see if they would accept the vet documents that you gave me for her license and they said no problem so should be all set. It seems like we have had her since she was a pup ! She's got everything down and it is quite the treat to have her on board as a new member of our family! Our pets are so much a part of our lives and we LOVE them So MUCH! Thanks again,

Update 3/10/2019

Cathie, Today we celebrate the one year anniversary of this wonderful animal that came into our lives ! It did not take her long to learn the ropes and once she did she took over the joint like she owns the place ! We are thrilled to have and just wanted to let you know that she is doing fantastic.

Bob,Linda,Lucky,Mattie and Chloe (the cat)


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