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Yara & Tootie now Maya

Yara and Maya

My Forever Family.

Good Morning Cathie and Kathy,

I am blessed with yet another snow day to bond with these amazing pups!! We are having so much fun! The girls are settling in beautifully. They follow me everywhere I go and their playful nature is now emerging. We play and snuggle and run together. We even built a snowman and watched several movies all together. Tiffany has been very good. The girls are still a bit intimidated by her. But all is fine and I know they will all be good friends. I can’t thank you enough for blessing me with these lovely girls. I am so excited to spend more and more time with them. Thank you for all of your advice too. I will keep them healthy and loved! They have a vet appointment set for the end of month and a grooming after that. I would love to stay connected with you both and support your wonderful work with these amazing dogs!! with gratitude,

Jacqui and Jerry

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