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Casper with family.

My Forever Family.

Hi Kerri, He's doing really good actually. He'll come up and sit with us on the couch. Cuddles has to be there initially, but he stays now even if she gets down. He actually got on my lap and sat for a few minutes but jumped down for supper time. Still having some issues with the pee pads, not as many, but he goes out for his other duty. I think I figured out his que, he'll go to the back door a couple times and looks out the door, as soon as he gets out he goes. He still likes his bed, he'll roll around in it and the fur on his head is all static so it sticks up all over. Cuddles still sleeps in hers, he'll get up on the back and thats how they sleep at night. He gets up on the couch arm and greets us with Cuddles when we get home now too. I've attached another pic of the 2 of them snuggled up with each other. Tried to get some of him sitting up but when I go for the camera he gets up and follows me. All in all, he's fitting in with us. Feeling very confident he's "approved" us.

Dave H.

Casper and family.

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