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Levi with family

My Forever Family.

Hi Kerri and Laura, Levi had a GREAT night last night!! He slept most of the night on his blue blankie at the foot of my bed but then snuck his way up beside me :) I was in a yorkie sandwich with Levi on one side and Benji on the other. I did put his belly band on since I wasn't sure what he would do but he's figured out if he rolls and wiggles enough it will slide off!! very smart guy!!! The only thing I missed was his snoring that Laura told me about :( He was very quiet all night! Benji had to get up in the middle of the night because of his UTI so I took both of them out and they went right back to sleep. He's eating breakfast now. He seems to have made himself quite at home. He loves the little doggie stairs so he can get on both couches. He likes to sit on the back of the couch at the picture window and look out at everyone! And he's having no problems going up AND down the stairs. As I finish typing this he is plastered against my leg with his head on my lap helping me write this LOL!! He has such a fantastic personality. I cant believe how fortunate I am (and him too!). I've been waiting and watching for about a year to decide to adopt another pup. When Daisy passed 2.5 years ago I swore I wasn't going to get anymore dogs. My heart was so broken and I just didn't want to go through that again. I'm so glad I changed my mind!! (OK now he's snoring!) I will send pics later today as we cheer the Patriots on!! Laura feel assured that he is getting lots of love. I know you've got a soft spot for Levi and he will always remember the love you gave him! Sara, Benji & Lev

10/24: Hi, Levi does snore!! Lol!!! It's so cute ! He's made himself right at home already and loves to explore. He's already getting lots of hugs and belly rubs. I'll let you know how is night was tomorrow. He's an awesome dog. Thank you so much! Sara

12/16/15: Hello! its been awhile since we last spoke so I thought I would give you a quick update on Levi, He's great!! It's like he has always been part of this family. He plays with Benji but is so gentle with him its so sweet to watch. Benji hasn't had anyone to play with in a long time that wasn't too rough. He does all his business outside or on a pee pad. Hasn't marked in the house for many weeks now. so that's great! I took him to my vet to check out the red mass in his bum. She was concerned about it and referred us to Dr Briere at Boston Veterinary Specialists who specializes in soft tumor surgeries etc. I have used their orthopedics vet previously he repaired 2 knees and a hip on my last yorkie Daisy. Levi ended up having surgery to have a polyp removed. These can be malignant or become malignant over time. They usually happen in intact middle aged males. He did great and has healed beautifully! We just got the lab results back today and they came back negative!!! The entire polyp and stem were removed to keep it from growing back. We have a follow up exam next week but this should be it.He's a bit hairy since we had to wait until after he had healed a few weeks before going to the groomers. So 1 of his Christmas presents will be a haircut So bottom line is we are all very happy with our family! Happy Holidays and enjoy the New Year!!! Keep up the great work!

Take care Sara

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