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My Forever Family.

Hi Kerri, Mia has been an absolute love. She has spunk and loves to be cuddled. She enjoys going to work and assisting with spreading joy to my elderly residents. I couldn't have asked for a sweeter pup. Looking forward many years of joy and adventures with Mia. Julie

11/2/15: She did great at work today :) We planned it so that she would come for a half day to avoid overwhelming her. Julie

11/3/15 Mia's doing awesome. She's getting more adventurous- I took her to a friend's condo yesterday evening after dinner to show her off and she loved exploring. The more she settles in the calmer she is. She's a total lap dog. We are having the back yard sprayed for ticks with organic stuff (they do it monthly) and it's some safe cedar smelling stuff?? Apparently it's non toxic, but it's not a one shot deal. The pee pad training continues. She goes outside but come the winter, if we have anything like last year, we need her to be able to go even if we put the pad on the enclosed porch. She is using the pad in the morning, so we are making steady progress. Julie

11/7/15: Hi Kerri, Mia is great. We've been working on walking with a leash. (She's improving!) My residents at work LOVE her!!! Obviously we do too!!! :) Mia has a new lavender covered harness that she seems to like. She's been on 2 lengthy walks today and is enjoying watching football with my Dad before we venture out and run some errands including getting her a tooth brush. She has a wellness visit scheduled at Angell Memorial on 11/21 which was the earliest Saturday appointment available. She's settling in nicely and eating the dog food (selectively). She definitely knows the word chicken. Also working on a spa trip for her to just shape up her face a little to get the hair out of her eyes. This harness seems more comfy and has the adjustable clasps with Velcro back up and I went a little crazy with a couple cute winter coats. There is a ritzy dog boutique in Beverly that I plan to take Mia to as well and spoil her :) Julie

Mia the wellness nurse

Mia at work as our newest wellness nurse :-)

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