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My Forever Family

Hi Kerrianne,

Sorry to slack on the check ins. Things get hectic around here during the holidays. Vasili is doing great. He is even warming up to me a little. He has certainly made himself at home and is out of his shell. Even bossing the others around and getting vocal!! I would confidently say that he is part of the pack now. He is eating normal and has no issues with the bathroom. We gave him a trim but left his hair long. I think we may have to go shorter next time. Poor thing always has his hair in his face and gets annoyed with hair pins and tie backs. That's about it for now. Hope you guys had a wonderful Christmas and have a great New Year!!!


Hi Kerrianne,

Just wanted to give you an update, Buzzbee, now named Vasili (Basil for short) has been doing great. He wasn't responding that well to Buzzbee so we figured that if we wanted to change his name now would be the time to do it. He actually took to Basil pretty quick and is responsive. He has been playing with all the pups Things are good with him. He is still real skiddish with me and won't eat unless missy is home. We're working on that and he is getting a bit better, yesterday he let me pet him without the crazy shakes, lol. He is going to the groomer next thursday simply because the hair around his bum and belly are just a hygiene issue and we don't have the time to bath him everyday/every other day. I'll send you pics after he gets a cut, were gonna try and keep some of the hair around his head and back longer but the tail, legs and belly need to get trimmed short. Thank you for everything!


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