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Bella & Winston

My Forever Family

Hi Kerri,

I kinda don't know where to start, so I guess the beginning will work. Karen and I applied to be fosters for Yorkies Inc., we had not too long ago lost out beloved Toby (Yorkie) to trachea collapse. Kandi (maltese) was heartbroken! We were heartbroken! These 2 were Karen's chemo support team. Kandi would get up with us first thing in the morning and the first thing she would do was look for Tobi. We waited a year before we brought Krissi (Yorkie) home. Kandi warmed right up to her. On Easter Sunday, 2019, we lost Kandi!! We again were so heartbroken! A week or so went by and you (Kerri) after hearing our loss asked if we wanted to foster Bitty. We said yes, and the rest is kinda history! Bitty & Krissi are a perfect fit! They do everything together, play, sleep and eat. They just love each other. Couldn't have been a better fit. How could we not keep her! Kerri went above and beyond helping us keep Bitty and for that Karen, I and Kris are truly grateful! There is one other person to thank and that is Bobby we are truly, truly grateful for his help.

So to sum it up, everything is going great, and "our" Bitty has a forever home!!

Eric, Karen and Krissi

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