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Brandi & Lilac

Brandi & Lilac

My Forever Family

Hi Kerrianne,

I hope you are having a nice quiet weekend with only 4 dogs. :) Just want to keep you posted on Brandi an Lilac's progress. Things have been going pretty well these past few days. They are eating much better now so less worries on that front. Still having to add a little bit of wet food to the dry food.

We tried to take them to the pet store again yesterday. Had to walk them around the quiet sections of the mall parking lot to calm them down before attempting to take them into the store. They did ok once we got them away from the all the stimulus of the cash register area until they saw other dogs of course. We will have to keep working on that, but we will get there. We might to arrange some organized dog meet ups to get them used to properly meeting new dogs. If we don't have any progress in a couple of weeks we will probably consider some training classes for them and us.Their over excitement of meeting people and especially other dogs when out is really the only thing we have to work on.Otherwise they are doing great. They seem happy. I got the fence installed last Monday just before the storm blew in so that area is working out well for toileting them. They have been very good on that front.

They have really bonded with Laura, since she is the one in the house most of the time, but even then they spread themselves around between the 3 of us. 4 when Richard is home visiting.We left them alone for about 3 hours yesterday afternoon for the first time. Again, they seem to have done really well. When we got back the food was all eaten. I think they may have knocked over Laura's laundry basket and rummage through her things, but just a lesson to us to close all the bedroom and bathroom doors before we go out for any length of time.

Just one question, since we are all set on our side, can we consider the adoption official and permanent at this stage? Laura keeps asking because she noticed language in the contract along the lines of a probation or trial period and she also noticed Brandi and Lilac were not marked adopted on the website yet, so just checking.

It is great having the energy, company and warmth of dogs in the house again. Thanks again for choosing us to be their new family.

Best Regards,


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