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My Forever Family

Hi Cathie,

Bumblebee is settling very nicely. He is the most perfect little boy and Punkin and Callie have accepted him as if he were always a part of the family. He is such a bright little guy and he is very observant and learning how to use the puppy steps so that he can sit with his brother and sister on the couch. We are thoroughly enjoying watching him romp around as he tries to keep up with the other two. Thank you for allowing us the pleasure of yet another pup from Yorkies Inc. Callie is sitting with Glenn with Bumblebee on his lap and Punkin is in my arms. Everything is going surprisingly well and couldn’t have imagined a more perfect fit.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Diane, Glenn, Punkin, Callie and Bumblebee Bentley.

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