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Maddie & JJ

Maddie & JJ

My Forever Family


They made out great at the groomers. They told us that they were both obviously used to being groomed. You wouldn't believe how cute they look. I'll try to have Bob forward a picture. They have totally settled in and are now calling the shots! What a wonderful pair !!!!Hope the adoptions are going well. Joy and Bob


Hi Kerrianne- JJ and Maddie are doing great. They met their doctor on Tuesday and Doc is in love. Both strong and healthy. They seem to have adjusted well to their home. JJ in particular is exploring every inch. They continue to cuddle each other and have begun to cuddle with us !!!Can't tell you how grateful we are to have them be part of our family.Hope all is well- Joy and Bob


Hi Kerrianne, The pups continue to do well. They are soooo devoted ! Each time I feed them, Maddie eats a little from her bowl and then heads right to J J 's bowl. He's absolutely fine with that. They are both getting better in the training department and LOVE getting treats anytime we find that someone has made use of the kennel. Can't tell you how much we are enjoying having them in our family!!!

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