Breezy & Cody

My Forever Family

Hi Kerri,

It's been better than I thought. Cody was playing fetch quite a bit, Brezzy would go after what I threw but just leave it. They did a little marking which was ok, I knew they were trying to put their scent here. Since they've used the pad and have been out and pooed outside. I'm just so in love with them it's coming out my pores.

Thank you for everything, Jim

Hi Kerri,

Happy Sunday,I was just getting ready to send you an update and some photos when I saw this message.Breezy and Cody have been adjusting wonderfully. I have enough noticed less of her anxiety this past week. Cody has gotten this protective nature with me, barking when someone gets close. I think it's his way of saying back off he is mine lol. Theyve both been great with people and other dogs, I take them with me everywhere, I just put them in the stroller and off we go. People fall all over them. Cody isn't thrilled with his diet, I stick by them when he tries to get hers to stop him. He is getting better about it.With all this quarantine time we are in the yard and working on some basic commands. I love that no matter what I'm doing I have to be in their sight. They follow me everywhere in the house. Finding them has been such a blessing I am so in love with these two.

Thank you again Jim