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Breezy & Cody

My Forever Family

Ali, Tommy, and Cricket

For many years we have been blessed by the existence of Yorkies Inc. It started way back when a little Yorkie named Cosmos needed a home. Not long after that we adopted again. Our hearts broke when we were introduced to a bruised and badly in-need-of-love Yorkie we named Prezza, who was rescued from a backyard puppy mill. She was part of the “Maine 6” that Yorkies Inc took in. Both Cosmos and Prezza became the loves of our life, and they lived long, happy (and spoiled) lives. We said goodbye to Cosmos last year, and we lost Prezza this past February, making it the first time we found ourselves dog-less. We thought we'd let our hearts heal for a year before filling that void, but with no happy dances to come home to, we only lasted 6 weeks.

Meet Cricket!! Cricket is 1 part Casanova couch potato, and 2 parts hell raiser. We've had Cricket for 3 weeks now and he is by far one of the best dogs we've ever had (and Ali has had Yorkies for 40 years!). This is thanks to some great genes (he certainly is a handsome boy!) but even more so, thanks to Cathie. At 11 months old he is incredibly well behaved and has been meticulously paper trained. This has been a HUGE eye opener! We have not had to go out into the dreary New England weather at the crack of dawn, or on cold, rainy nights, and he has not made 1 mistake in the house. We have also never had a dog that loved to fetch (and return!) as much as this little guy, making him great for our physiques (our throwing arms are getting jacked!).

Cricket has an AAI Luxation between his C1-C2 vertebrae and has to wear a neck brace, but the care that Cathie has provided for our little guy has been paramount. We would also like to THANK everyone on Cricket's donor list. Please know that this little guy will have the best life possible--and he thanks you for for the head start.

Cricket's new home is the "pet friendly" Lamb and Lion Inn on Cape Cod where it should be said that all vacationing dogs that were lucky enough to be re-homed, adopted or rescued through Yorkie's Inc. always stay for free!

~ Ali Pitcher & Tommy Dott, Lamb and Lion Inn, Barnstable, Cape Cod, MA

Update 6/20/2020

This little man is just incredible! He has totally embraced the Innkeepers life and he is front and center. He races to the door to greet people and when it's a "smaller person" (like a 14 yo girl) he goes bananas! Smiling, bouncing, licking --racing away to find the baby beaver-- more showing and loving! He just makes us smile all day long. Thank you so much for deciding that we were the right parents. You and John were very brave and loving to let him go, but he has found his calling!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you xoxoxoxo.

~Ali and Tommy and Cricket

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