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Bacio & Seamus

Bacio & Seamus

My Forever Family

f/k/a Buzz and Mason

The journey begins on October 6, 2019 when my friend, Johanna, and I leave Western MA and travel to Yorkies, Inc. in Eastern MA where I will meet and bring home with me little Bacio (f/k/a Buzz). “Bacio” (or Baci as I call him) means “kiss” in Italian…and Baci is a kisser! As we sat in the living room with Baci on my lap, from the adjacent sunroom came prancing sideways a fragile-looking, “wizened” furbaby with a rounded back who twirled in a circle, came right up in front of me, and did a happy dance with his two front feet. I lost my heart in that moment. Jo said to me, “you know you’re going to come back for him, so why don’t we just take him with us now.” However, as much as I wanted to do just that, I also wanted to give my little Baci a chance to settle in and get used to me and his new home. We headed back to Western MA. Of course, a few days later we were back at Yorkies, Inc., and precious Seamus (f/k/a Mason) was in my arms and headed to Western MA to join his brother, Baci. Seamus (an Irish name because he constantly does this adorable step dance with his front paws) has a folder full of issues, and is considered a special needs (“Forever Foster”) furbaby. In spite of his limitations, he is a feisty little guy…and also a real cuddler…who is the alpha in our home. Baci is very laid back and willingly gives Seamus top spot. Both my precious furbabies bring such comfort and joy to my life. I am grateful to Cathie Cyr and Yorkies, Inc. for entrusting me with these two beautiful furbabies, and I truly believe that I have been blessed because God knew that I was the one with special needs.Donna Merletto

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