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My Forever Family


As you can see Kerri, Bebe is making herself at home. You have no idea how much joy she has brought me. I am sooooo in love with this little girl. She is such a good girl. I love snuggling with her. She is one happy little girl She is really doing well with house breaking. She is a love. I hope you are well and safe. Won’t it be nice when Covid 19 is over. Have a good day. I’ll be in touch soon again❤️ Sandy and Bebe


Hi Kerri,

I just wanted to keep you updated on Bebe's progress. She is almost completely housebroken. She came with me to the Cape this past weekend and didn"t make one mistake in the house where I was staying. She is doing so well and is so happy. Everyone in my family adores her and needless to say, I love her with all my heart Thanks soooooo much for everything. Bebe and I both send our love. Sandy and Bebe


Good morning Kerri. Bebe is settling in beautifully. She had to test out all of my beds and seems to love yours and slept in a new one that I bought for her. We’ve had a couple of mistakes in the house, but that is to be expected. She really isn’t interested in going outside, but she’ll get it eventually. Patients, which I have plenty of. I can’t tell you how much I love her. She will never lack for love, that’s for sure. I’ll send some pictures later today. Have a great weekend. Thank you again for everything. Love, Sandy

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