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 My Forever Family

Hi Kerri & Amanda, CoCo rocks! We’ve been taking her out regularly, so the pee pads have only been used a few times this week. She’s so smart and eager to please, I’m sure she’ll only be going outside soon. she and Fred are becoming best buds but we still have issues if he moves too quickly or comes to bed after we do (might this be a protective thing?!?!?). I stopped giving her any canned food and give her about 1/4 cup of dry food in the morning. I leave it down all day. she seems to eat more in the evening, so if she finishes what’s in her dish, I put another 1/4 cup. We’ve been slowly introducing her to being outside, being around other people, riding in the car, etc. every time I put shoes on, she thinks we’re getting ready for another adventure! I do have a question, I believe her paperwork asked us to hold off on taking her to the groomer. how long should we wait? Being at the camper, I’d like to keep the hair on her legs a little shorter. lemme know if you have any questions for us, ~mb 5/19/22 Hi! She’s definitely staying.. we are in love… you can go ahead and cash the check❣️😉🥰 ~mb


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