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 My Forever Family

Hello, this is Ella. I’m a Parti girl. Yep, you heard right but not that kind of party even though FUN is my middle name! You see, I’m a “Parti” Yorkie which means I carry a recessive gene that makes me tricolored. I even have black and white “toe beans” but trust me, I’m a genuine Yorkie. That means I love to cuddle and shadow my peeps. I’m sweet as can be and like to say hello to everyone on my walkies. My favorite pastimes are basking in a sunny window, sitting by the fireplace, and also rolling around on the grass. I’m so happy to be in my furever home where I get lots of attention because Mommy is retired. Daddy has nicknamed me “Ella Fitzgerald” because I’ve got some pipes. When he gets home from work I howl hellooooooo! to him and do a happy dance. Signing off, Ella, your howling good time Parti girl! 🐾 🐾 Cathie and Kerrianne, thank you so much for helping to bring Ella into our lives. We have to pinch ourselves because little Ella is such a living dream. She has settled in beautifully, is fully housebroken, and sleeps the whole night through. It took us over two years to consider bringing another dog into our lives after Petey, Roxy and Max crossed over the rainbow bridge, but it feels as if Ella was always meant to be. We are happy to be first-time “foster fails” and are furever grateful! Robin & Rennie❤️ 🐶 ❤️


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