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 My Forever Family

It is only fitting that I write this “Happy Tail” on Father’s Day morning. It is raining outside so we can’t go out for our usual walk on the beach. My 6-year-old baby girl, Gigi, cheery and joyful as can be, is scampering around the floor tossing and terrorizing her squeaky toys. (Better that than when she leaves them in my bed so when I roll over at night and the squeaks go off, I don’t startle myself!) Gigi and I came into each other’s lives after I snapped out of a 6-month grieving period having lost my two beloved Yorkie seniors within a few short months of each other. As a Yorkie dad of some 40 years, I had always opted for a puppy and had never even considered a rescue. This time, to truly honor the memories of my two dearly departeds (and because I would be adding a Yorkie into my life for the first time as a single person), I decided to adopt. I knew I would be in excellent hands when I connected with Yorkies, Inc. Placement Service (shout-outs to Cathie and Kerrianne!) who vetted me like I was adopting an actual baby, it seemed at the time! I was presented with a wonderful choice of available Yorkies but when I was sent the video of this “Gigi” (already named that) playing fetch with such glee and abandonment, I knew I had found the baby for me! Gigi is full of life, loves her beach walks (and smells along the way!) and chasing chipmunks and rabbits in the garden (gosh, is she fast!) and her tail wags so furiously (all my previous babies had been docked), I may not even need air-conditioning this summer! She is at once happy, loving, trusting, and is ALWAYS game for a long belly rub and a snack-wacky or two. I can’t tell you how many times I have laid my head down next to Gigi's in one of her little beds on the floor only to later wake up, fumble around for my glasses, and discover I am alone and she is up on my bed fast asleep like this is how it is supposed to be! I guess maybe it is — it’s their world and we just live in it! Thank you, Yorkies, Inc. Placement Service, for helping bring love, light, and licks back into this Yorkie dad's life! Chris B.


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