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 My Forever Family

Hi Kerri and Amanda, “Jojo is adjusting well. I’m so impressed with how well she’s adapted and how she’s getting on with my family and other doggies in my family. She now greets me with a wagging tail and has begun to follow me around, as well as “sniffing” about the place. She’s still reticent about people or cars but has found her bravado - barking at other dogs and being quite vocal, letting strangers pet her, and she now stops to watch cars versus cowering and stopping on her tracks scared. She’s finally eating kibble and actually ate it dry. She loves her carrots and she’s been having green beans as well. I give her treats but she likes the veggies better. She’s had some accidents but she’s been fairly consistent about her potty training; I know this can take time. Her leash walking has also improved massively. She sleeps by me and as I said has gotten used to following me around… she loves to wag that little tail of hers. Overall, I’m so happy with Jojo, and she seems to have found her routine at my place too. She has her first vet's appointment on 5/31. So happy for her companionship. She certainly adds to my life and I’m spoiling her as much as possible. “


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