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 My Forever Family

Hi Kerri, Lola is doing well. Her appetite is good. She didn’t eat much on Monday and Tuesday but now she’s eager for breakfast and dinner. I brought her to work with me yesterday and she settled in and slept under my desk. She loves walking the neighborhood and her poops look good. She’s sleeping well. I think she’s going to be fine She wasn’t happy when we got on our exercise bikes. She nipped at Jason. We might put her in the backpack next time. I think she’ll get used to us exercising. She also barks at him at odd times. Like when he put a door on that we’d taken off the hinges. And usually him, not me. I think she feels ignored, it’s separation anxiety, and will go away. Hi Kerri, Lola's good. She wants to be with us everywhere we go, and we bring her sometimes and leave her home sometimes. I'd be happy to send pictures to her family. The exercise with the pouch works. She’s afraid of the bikes, which is odd, but as long as she can’t see them she’s happy to ride on your back. She’s settling in well. She has some anxiety but she’s been through a lot these few months. She is a sweetheart, though. We’re happy she’s ours. Thank you, Sabrina


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