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 My Forever Family

Hi Kerrianne,

He was panting the entire trip home. When we got out of the car he peed immediately. I took him for a walk down to the mailbox. When we got back to the house he went up the stairs and once in the house he went around investigating. I gave him the Fromm pate food and he gobbled it up. He was smelling the bag you gave me, and then tried to climb into it. Finally, he got into his bed that I put into the kitchen and he has been sleeping there ever since. I’m sure it was a confusing day for him. Thank you once again for bringing a dog to be loved, into my life, and such a special one at that. All the best to you, Sue lyons Hi Kerrianne, It’s been three weeks yesterday since Liam (aka Tito) came into my life. Things couldn’t be better. He really has settled in, and sooner than I thought he would. For a while he was relentless about food, barking until I got his meals together. Cody was the same way. But now I think Liam knows that he’ll be fed so he just has to be patient and wait. I got him a holistic toy and small-breed kibble. It has bison, brown rice & pearled barley in it. Bison isn’t supposed to have as much fat as regular beef does. I also got Nulo small breed turkey & lentil wet food. I give him both when feeding him and he seems to like it and it keeps him satisfied for a longer period of time. He has a vet appointment on March 1st. I’m having a chip implanted in him that day as well as the visit and the necessary vaccine. Do you want your rescue listed on the chip information as well as me? His favorite treats are little gooberlicious peanut butter-flavored ones. You are right. All I have to do is pick up the bag and he comes running. So much for being hearing impaired. He comes over to me when I call him, and he doesn’t mind being picked up and held. He is just so adorable & loving. Like with Cody, I can never thank you enough for putting us together. He is such a good boy. All the best, Sue


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