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Charlie & Lola

My Forever Family

July 15th

Hi Kerrianne,

Charlie is doing great! He finished taking his meds last Tuesday. He was sleeping & groggy for 2 days, but he was feeling better and eating well after that. Now he's back to his usual self. 😊 They loved it here in Maine! They went swimming and floating around. I think they prefer being on the floats. 😊 I attached some pics! Btw, let me know the toothpaste you used for your pups. Also, is it okay to give small Minties chew treats to them? I know they hardly have any teeth left.

June 28th

Hi Kerrianne,

It's our 1 week with Charlie and Lola and we're loving it! They are such sweet & loving pups! I think they are now quite familiar being with us too. We now know how to read their signs and routines. Each one had some accidents inside the house, but they were manageable. 😁 I love taking pictures with my dog before and now, it's double the fun with these two! I am attaching some pics. 😁

June 16th

Everything went surprisingly well. We kept them busy after you left, so they won't feel any separation anxiety. They slept very well last night beside us. Charlie is fine with his outside bowel movements, but Lola is having problems peeing outside. They both ate a lot yesterday, but today after going outside, they didn't eat breakfast. Again, thank you so much.




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