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My Forever Family

Hi Kerrianne, She is doing so well. She’s napping next to us on the couch right now. We’re calling her Daisy. She has eaten, wandered in and out of her crate a few times, and is settling in nicely! Thank you and we’ll keep you posted! —Mary 11/17 Hi, Kerrianne! Things are going well with Daisy. She loves running around the backyard-- that's one of her favorite things! I have a question maybe you can find out for us... What is a treat that she likes? We have tried Charlie treats, cheerios, and little bits of carrot. So far there is nothing she seems interested in and we'd like to use something for reward/incentive. Can you find out what her "treats" were? Thank you! Mary 11/19

Kerrianne, We totally love having Daisy as part of the family, and she's adjusting well. We would love to officially adopt her! Is there anything else "official" we need to do, other than sending this email? ☺ Thanks, Mary


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