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Luca now Charlie

 My Forever Family

Hello Kerrianne, Today marks Charlie’s third week with us! 21 days have passed, and he couldn’t be happier, or feel more loved! From Day 1, We just knew that Charlie had found his forever home!

Charlie’s days have been spent playing with his pal, Millie. Together they like to run, chase squirrels, and watch the birds. It’s so cute how they often will snuggle together during their afternoon naps on the couch. Charlie enjoys car rides and walks on the bike path nearby. We are getting excited to take Charlie on his first trip to Maine next weekend.

As you may have noticed, he’s recently spent some time at the dog spa. His groomer was able to take care of the mats in his hair. He is so soft now!

Charlie loves eating his meals, and snacking on his cookies, and playing with his toys. While we are still working on the potty training, I feel like each day we are making progress. Thank you for helping us find each other. We are so happy!!!



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