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Pip Squeak now Sky

My Forever Family

Hi Cathie-

I hope you are well! Sky is great😊these are some pictures from today and the one you took of all of us on adoption day! As you can see, she still loves Justin and her green lizard! She is fully house trained, sleeps all night in her crate, walks beautifully on her leash and LOVES playtime with Bree and all the toys. We love her❤️Her mouth is the only issue - the 2nd surgery to fix the cleft did not work. After trying lots of different types/methods of feeding her, we have found food that works and she eats well with few problems. Faulkner’s plan is to attempt a repair one more time and spay her during the same procedure so that she is only under anesthesia once. We hope to do this sometime this fall - he wants to give her as much opportunity to grow as possible. She is still *so* tiny and always will be, but she is strong and healthy & for now she manages well. We obviously hope the next repair will work🙏🏻but even if it doesn’t I know we can give her the wonderful life she deserves❤️


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