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My Forever Family

August 5th

Morning Kerrianne,

Just an update on Sally! She is PERFECT for us, Toni is playing second fiddle since Sally has picked me as the ONE, follows me everywhere and has been such a good girl. First couple of days little bit of squeaking if I was out of her sight, but has since adjusted quickly to knowing I’ll be back if out of sight and waits patiently now. Couldn’t ask for a better match and I thank you and Amanda with all my heart for matching us up. You’re more than welcome on the small extra included in the check I can really appreciate how much wonderful care this little girl got before coming to our home. I know, if she could, she would thank you as well, she was certainly a well loved dog before we got her, very, very sweet. Thank you again for all you do and please stay in touch. Again if I can help up here on the north shore please don’t hesitate to call.

July 16th

Morning Kerrianne,

Little Sally is adapting wonderfully! Loves her bed, met most all the neighbors in our building, very friendly to everyone, did squeak most of the way home, but settled down immediately in the house wagging her tail. Cannot thank you enough for letting us adopt her, I’m pretty sure the feeling is mutual. Thank you and Amanda both you do great work and I’m at your beck and call here on the North Shore if you need me.

-Alice and Toni


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