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My Forever Family


Good evening Kerrianne!

Teddy is adjusting a little bit every day. We are so happy to have him as a part of our family. We are just wondering if there is anything we need to do in order to finalize the adoption process?

Hi Kerrianne,

It was nice to meet you and thank you again for bringing Teddy over. He’s doing really well so far… he’s hanging out on the couch with us and on patrol… he looks out the window every chance he gets! He went out with Steve a little while ago and loved exploring… new sights and sounds for him. He’s followed Chloe a few times but she’s still ignoring him a bit. She seems more confused with another dog in the house. I know she will get used to it. So far, so good! We will give you another update soon.

We will talk soon… thanks again.

Cara and Steve


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