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 My Forever Family

Hi Kerrianne, Ziggy has settled into his new home. He's got a new bed and big play area where he spends his time with his roommate Vinnie, while I am at work. He's got a new red leash and harness. He's got a hair appointment soon and an amazon order with new shirts on the way. Eleven things about Ziggy: 1. He's intelligent. He knows just where to place his ball so you can reach it. 2. The guy loves to eat, doesn't miss a meal and loves his new food. 3. He has an incredible sense of smell. He knows where his toys are or EVER have been. 4. He's polite. He doesn't bother anyone while they eat. Insists others go first. Waits to be invited (usually). 5. He's athletic. He's the fastest little man I have ever seen. 6. He loves to cuddle under the blankets but doesn't like when Vinnie walks by him while he's under the covers. He will let him know too. 7. He's always up for a good time, even at 5 am he's ready for a game. 8. He comes when he's called. 9. He doesn't like the car. Cried the whole way to the dump and back. Didn't particularly like HomeGoods either. 10. He growls at animals on TV. 11. He loves his mama. He's a cool little guy and I'm glad he's here. Thank you for choosing me to care for him. -Kelly 6/21/2022


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