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*Adoption donations are based on but not limited to: health, age, and sex of the pup. Adoption donations range from $50.-$900. You may ask "Why would you charge an adoption fee? Why not just place in a good home?" The answer is: because we rely heavily on these adoption fees in order to be able to take in ALL Yorkies in need. A young, healthy dog may cost us $250-500 in vet care, and have many homes interested in adopting him/her. An older or sick yorkie, or one with health issues can easily cost $500-1500+ in veterinary expenses. He/she may require months of foster care for rehabilitation or expensive surgery; yet we can only ask a minimal adoption fee. Often times these are also the same dogs that don't receive as many inquires for adopting. Please keep in mind that the adoption donations of younger, healthy dogs help defray the higher costs of the veterinary care of older, injured or sick dogs. We hope that people looking to adopt through Yorkies Inc. are willing to give an opportunity for a better life to ALL of our dogs by supporting them through adoption fees. We are a non-profit organization. Without these adoption donations we would not have the funding to take in all yorkies in need. Yorkies Inc. completely vets every dog we take in. All dogs are groomed given a complete exam and brought up to date on all vaccines. They are also given a dental cleanings, spayed/neutered, heartworm tested and any medical needs and needed surgeries are met before placement.  We are only interested in loving responsible homes that are willing to commit to the care and up keep of the pup for a lifetime. If you are not willing to pay the adoption donation now you are likely not to pay for quality food or to see to the pups health care needs in the future. Remember we are looking for our pups to become family members and cherished companions not a convenient impulse purchase. If you are only looking into "rescue" as a way to save money or "don't want to pay breeder prices" please check your local shelters. They are able to adopt out much cheaper as they are often state and/or federally funded and have vets on staff.


 If interested in adopting with Yorkies Inc please submit an adoption application. We always go to applications already on file when dogs become available. Thank you so much for considering adoption!


Mighty is a handsome and sweet 12 year old male Yorkie whose owner passed away and is now in need of a forever home. Mighty loves to snuggle with you on the couch, gets along well with other dog, often snuggling in a dog bed with them and rides well in the car. The only time we hear him bark is if he wants you to pick him up on the couch with you. He uses pee pads and will go outside if taken. Overall he is in good health, but does need eye drops twice a day for dry eye.
If you are looking to give a little guy a loving home and would like to be considered for Mighty please fill out an application.

Tempi & Crouton

These two adorable Long Haired Chihuahua puppies are looking for a home together! They are litter mates born in June and have been together ever since. Tempi is the female tri color black, white and tan and Crouton the male is a cream sable. They both weigh about 2lbs each. They are healthy and completely vetted including neuter/spay all vaccines and micro chipped. They are pee pad trained and are friendly, playful, and not at all barkers. Their breeder has retired and these two were part of her last litter. Because of their size we will not be placing them in homes with children or large dogs regardless of their behavior. We will only separate them if home has another playful small dog. If interested in these two please submit an application.


Meet Kami! This sweet 3.5yo female Yorkie is in need of a new home due to divorce. She loves to go on leashed walks and loves people and giving kisses. She weighs 11lbs and is house trained if taken out on a regular basis. She is also leash trained but would very much enjoy a fenced yard. She is fully vetted, spayed and micro chipped and just had a dental cleaning. She is heartworm negative. We did find that she was positive for Lyme but she has had no symptoms and is on the precautionary course of antibiotics. If interested in adopting please submit an application.


We just received yet another urgent Plea! This time a little Yorkie has been hit by a car! The Vet hospital asked if we would assume responsibility for his care. His owners no longer wanted him and had surrendered him to the hospital. Of course we said we'd take him. We will update and add pictures as soon as we know more. Please help us help Skeeter!
11/8/17: Skeeter a 5yo 8-9lb male Yorkie has some contusions to his lungs, a fractured rib and a dislocated right hip. Vets tried to put the hip joint back in place but after 24 hrs it was dislocated again. He is going to need an FHO surgery of that hip. He is otherwise a very lucky little guy and should make a full recovery. Our prayers are answered. We are hoping you can help us help Skeeter recover!
11/26/17: Skeeter has had the FHO surgery and is doing well! He has to have exercises done daily to keep the hip flexible. He is a love of a pup and is house trained! He will be ready for adoption in a couple weeks. 
12/26/17: Skeeter is still doing some PT and is just starting to put leg down. Its been longer then we expected but he is doing well. He could be placed in new home if they are will to continue with the therapy. He would do well as an only or with another dog his size to play with. He has taken to playing with Bentley here and they do seem to enjoy each other.
1/27/2017: Skeeter is ready for adoption!! He is using his leg about 85% of the time and that's improving every day. He is a love...likes attention and loves to play and explore the yard. He also loves to snuggle and the couch is his favorite spot. If interested in adopting please submit an application.

Friends of "Skeeter"
$ 840.00 raised
Janet Shiels
Marvin & Kreen Reckart
Merri McNeil
Gilda Buckley
Janet Rochlin
Dr. Nate Daniels
Resa Porter
Ramona Bedard
Joanne Utrera
Eric Kittell
Deb Pollina
Jill Garvey
LeeAnn Christ
Barbara Lillibridge
Deb Giorgio
Eileen Moss
Cookie Kirwin
Carol Ieronimo
Richard Rosenstein & Jody Abrams
Jean Asadorian
Joanna Burns~In memory of my beloved "Holly"
Vicky Tierney
Cheryl Almeida



Benny came to us as an urgent plea. Benny is a 5yo 10lbs male Yorkie who was suffering with seizures and possible Liver shunt. His previous owner could no longer provide for his care. He had not received any diagnostic testing and had been placed on a very strong barbiturate! We took him in and immediately headed to Tufts where we have started diagnostic testing. As of right now it appears he does not have a liver shunt. His Bile Acid test was normal. He is being weaned of the Phenobarbital for seizures and over to Keppra which is milder on his tiny system. He is also on a low protein diet to ease the work of his liver. The liver does look enlarged right now so further testing will be needed once we have him completely weaned. He is doing well with the transition. He will need some further testing...If you can help with a donation to his care we would appreciate it. Your name will be listed as  a friend to Benny.
11/26/2017: Benny is off the Phenobarbital completely and we are seeing a different dog! He is much more responsive and we aren't seeing nearly the neurological deficits we saw when he first arrived.  We aren't even sure the small episodes he's having are true seizures. His personality is now showing through and this pup couldn't get any more loving or attentive. Loves to follow you everywhere. Will snuggle for hours. He is very quiet and is house trained! Our vet has asked us to watch him for another couple weeks and then we will reevaluate.
12/14/17: Benny had an MRI and a spinal tap, both came back completely normal! He is still having episodes so we need to do further testing. We are looking to have a nuclear dye study done in the next week. This test is very expensive aprox 1500.,  but should be able to let us know what is going on with Benny.

12/28/17: Benny had a nuclear CT scan that showed no shunt so that is not definitely ruled out. They did fine some fine crystals in his urethra that we will be having  removed. We will also be revisiting the neurologist to get his final thoughts.

Friends of "Benny"
$ 820.00 raised
Janet Rochlin
Resa Porter
Marvin & Kreen Reckart
Eric Kittell
Richard Rosenstein & Jody Abrams
Lynne Raney
Deborah Giorgio
Jill Garvey
Barbara Lillibridge
Kim Condon ~  Merry Christmas from Wally, Jackson & Nora
Deb Giorgio
Eileen Moss
Cookie Kirwin
Lauren Atinsky
Carol Ieronimo
Joanna Burns~In memory of my beloved "Holly"
Vicky Tierney
Sara Tucker

Yara & Tootie
(bonded pair)

Meet Yara & Tootie! Both are  adorable  5yo female Yorkies just retired from their show breeder home after their last litters. They each weigh aprox. 6lbs. Both are now fully vetted: spayed, dental cleaning all vaccines and heart worm and lyme tested. And they have also been micro chipped. They are both using the pee pad or will go outside if taken frequently. These two are loving a fenced yard to romp and explore. They also love sleeping together and snuggling with their people.  They do well with other small dogs or would be very happy to be just a pair. If interested in adopting these two darlings please submit an application.  Application


Peanut is the smallest pup in the litter that found their way to us. He was left with a natural tail as he was too small to dock it. We think he likes sporting the extra length and it makes up for his "peanut" size. We expect him to be aprox 4-5lbs full grown. He loves giving kisses and playing then playing some more. He is 13 weeks old and healthy we will be having him neutered in a few weeks and he will be ready for his new home after that. If interested please submit an application.



Hazelnut is the female in the "nut" family and 13 weeks old. Hazel is fun and sweet and a bit mischievous. We expect her to weight about 5-6lbs full grown. She is healthy and will be available for adoption after being spayed in a few weeks. If interested please submit an application. 



Walnut is the biggest and most laid back in the litter. He's so sweet and loves to be cuddled but put him down and watch him play with the others as well! He's healthy and will be able 5-6lbs full grown. Wally will be ready for adoption after being neutered in a few weeks. If interested in adopting please submit an application.


Angel is a 9yo female Yorkie who's in need of a new home. Her Mom is sick and can no longer care for her. Angel weighs about 12lbs and is a loving girl who is use to having someone home with her. She would do best to continue with that type of situation as she can have some anxiety if left alone too long. She is afraid of lightening/thunderstorms and fireworks.  She is also use to being an only and she'll pick and chose if she likes another dog or not. A bigger dog may be fine. Fenced yard is preferred. If interested in adopting Angel please submit an application.


Pearl is a sweet and beautiful  14 week female old Yorkie puppy who came into Yorkies Inc due to a heart condition, Pearl went to the cardiologist at Tufts University and was diagnosed with PDA a heart condition due to a duct not fully closing at birth This causes the heart to work too hard and the blood not to flow properly. She now needs surgery in order to close the duct and to prevent future heart failure. Because Pearl's little heart is already working too hard the cardiology team has advised us to have surgery as soon as possible so we can correct the problem and Pearl can begin to live a normal life. These surgeries will be expensive...you can help us with a donation and become a "Friend" to Pearl! Please use PayPal button below...all friends will be posted. (stay updated on these three on our Facebook page!)

8/17 Pearl had heart surgery and is recovering nicely. Se will need to go back to the vets in a few months for a re-check and to be spayed.
9/17 Pearl is now 5 months old and continues to do great. She will be going back to Tufts in the middle of October for a re-check with the plan to be spayed.
Friends of "Pearl"
$2600.00 raised
Pearl's vetting has been paid! Thank you to all who donated!

Kathy Greene & Linda Quintiliani
Eric & Karen Kittell
Janice Crawford Ochtera
Resa Porter
YNot Fashion
Cynthia Reed
Lisa Byrne
Jill Garvey
Richard Rosenstein & Jody Abrams
Janet Shiels

Janet Rochlin-Germanton
Eileen Moss
Stanbridge College
Nazi Masoum
Stephen & Judy Glass
Deborah Hotchkiss
Kevin & Cathy-Lu Ortega in memory of "Lady"
Debra Lucey
Eric & Karen Kittell
Ron & Kathy Cherkasly
Kent Thomas
David Pelletier
Nicole Birdwell
Cookie Kirwan
Merri McNeil
Leigh Burroughs
Kim Condon
Deborah Giorgio
LeeAnn Christ
Mark Seliger
Carol Ieronimo
Cheryl Norato
Diane Leal
Kimberly Swan
Bob & Judy DeMoura
Margaret Ross-Fitzgibbons
Shirley Geis
Sherry & Susan Chauvin
Cathy Jameson & Darlene Belle-Isle
Janet Eosco
Bill & Debbe Seniw & "Maxi", "Cinnamon" & "Smidgin"
Sue Dexter
Joanna Burns "In Memory of Julia Burns"
Carole Budrick
Maureen & Gary Andrews

Brenda & Walter Bissonette-Cwiek & "Sasha & Mollie"
Chantel Watkins
Janice Beaman
Blueberry Hill Homestead
Kathy Perry
Karen Lee
J.T. McNeil
Jacqueline McKenna
Nancy Holt
Grace Goggin
Kathy Johnson


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