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Rosie with family.

My Forever Family.

4/8: Cathie, Ru is fitting in and adjusting just fine. He thinks he owns the house. He sure is a character with a huge personality. We would like to adopt him and give him a forever home. He will be meeting my vet this coming Monday as I have to take Belle in anyways. I did go on Norberts websites (he is so precious) and saw the pics of Ru and all the interest you had in him. I truly feel blessed that we have been chosen to be his family and i promise you that we will do everything possible to give Ru the home that he deserves. Janis

4/9/15 Hi Kerri, I don't know how far away you live but I think that one thing she misses is dog companionship. There has been someone at home every day except one this week so she's only ever been in the house alone with the cat for one day. She is snuggly with us and loves us but I think she would LOVE to hang out with some dogs. I was thinking that in her first home she lived with a dog, in your and Lauren's house she had dog company, but she hasn't had any here. I was thinking of trying to approach some of the neighbors who have two Maltese nearby to try to see if they'll play with her but the weather has been so bad she HATES going outside. I had one dog pee in the back yard so far and it helped but since it rained and it's worn off so she looks at me like "what the heck am I doing here outside?" I think she (and I ) would love to see her little Yorkie friends if you're game. But please, if it's a long drive for you, don't come. I'll be around Saturday afternoon all afternoon and Sunday morning. Don't know if that works with your schedule but I think we'd accomplish two things - a little fun for her AND pee in my back yard. Let me know. Some of the clothes have come but most have not. I got the cutest little dark pink winter suit, you saw the watermelon dress (so cute) and a few other little outfits which I'll show you if you come. Let me know. Thank you, Sheryl

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