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Oliver & Donny

Oliver & Donny with family.

My Forever Family.

The boys are settling down nicely. I brought out a bunch of puppy beds and we had a slumber party in the living room. We all took a little siesta! After napping together we pretty much all became best friends....

Oliver and Donny


They did wonderful!!! I'm amazed at how comfortable they are here! You'd think they'd been living here a year. No anxiety, no barking; it's great! Donny has given me his trust and now wants to be held continuously. Oliver is doing better with Munchie and loves to be cuddled! Also, my parents are already in love with the boys from their pictures (did I mention they're over the top animal lovers?) and want to replace our fence as a housewarming gift for them! Lori


Cathie, We had another good night together. We had a slumber party again and slept on the living room floor. At around 5 am Donny got out of bed and starting circling by the back door. I got up, took him out and he pooped! It was so exciting!! And now the neighbors think I’m crazy because I was dancing and singing with a dog in my pajamas. Oliver has got pooping outside figured out now as of this morning. However, he will come inside and immediately pee on the pee pad. I don’t want to discourage that behavior because he is being good using the pee pad. I’m just waiting till he pees outside and we’ll do a big celebration. They play so sweetly together and snuggle in their beds together when they’re tired. It’s so joyful to watch. They are both extremely loving lap dogs and give tons of kisses. Donny has completely come out of his shell, and they both turn me to putty. Lori 0/19

Good evening Cathie, So today was the first time the boys were left alone. I went to work for my 12 hour shift, but Brian came home in the afternoon. They did great! I blocked off the back hallway/bathroom area of the main floor with a baby gate and filled it with beds, toys, water, and pee pads. They used their pee pads and had no accidents and Brian said they seemed happy and stress free when he let them out. They slept well through the night, this time in our bedroom on the floor with me. In the morning they followed me to the bathroom and sat in a dog bed while I got ready. After they get more practice with the puppy stairs, we’ll be ready to try sleeping in the bed. I was so happy to come home from work and be greeted with sloppy puppy kisses. I ordered the Artemis food and extra pee pads on amazon prime. I’m hoping they get here before the weekend!! Xoxo, Lori

Oliver and Donny

Oliver and Donny in stroller

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