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Sprout with family.

My Forever Family.

We are lucky to have her. I brought her in my room and put her in the red gate from my living room. She slept all night. Tried to get her to potty this AM but was not successful. I caught her at the end of her pee in the LR and took her to the pee pee pad but she has finished. She did poop on the pad in my bathroom, not sure if she did it knowingly and just happened to be there. She needs time and I am sure she will do well.

Thanks again Carol 3/30 What flavor Fromm is Abby eating???? I am going to get her some tonight after work. We just adore her and they both sit with me on the couch. She loves her new daddy too!!!! She has found her Forever Home and we will keep her safe, happy and loved. Thank you so much for your help in placing her with us.


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