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 My Forever Family

Hi Kerri and Elisabeth, 

Jasper feels home & is happy!

We made him a perch to be on lookout when we go out.  He kind of went berserk the first time we left for an errand, so we are doing short trips, and he has a JOB to keep watch, which seems to help him not go we come home, so relief is expected, he is starting to trust that and be less worried when we go out.

He sleeps through night. He had 2 sneaky indoor pees the first day, but we upped the cadence of going out, no sneaky pees since

He & Tripper have no interest in each other, and Jasper is very respectful of Tripper's space

They do both set each other off with some barking...not sure we will ever successfully be able to curb that :-)

We are really happy he is with us

Thank you!!


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